A Mess No More: Your Guide For Outdoor Storage Ideas


Have your visions of a backyard paradise been overtaken by bicycles, pool toys, and lawn equipment? This is the all too common plight of the suburban homeowner. No matter how large your home and how expansive your outdoor space is, you are inevitably going to find yourself staring at a pile of unsightly tools, landscaping equipment, and sporting goods and wondering where those folks with the beautifully manicured yards put all of their stuff. 

The answer is simple. The owners of those beautiful outdoor spaces have learned the advantage of cleverly placed outdoor storage. In this post, we will explore some of the best outdoor storage ideas to clear the clutter and give you back your backyard.

The Importance Of Good Storage Solutions

High-quality outdoor storage solutions offer much more than simply a place to stow your tools and equipment. The proper storage solution can enhance the appearance of your outdoor space allowing you to reclaim your backyard for recreation, entertaining, and simply relaxing. 

A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place 

How much time do you spend searching your home, garage, or yard looking for that one errant tool, or piece of equipment? A well-organized outdoor storage solution will provide you with the space to store all of your tools, equipment, and supplies in individual bins and organizers making it easy to locate exactly what you need when you need it. 

A Clean & Clutter-Free Outdoor Space 

When you first moved into your home you likely had visions of backyard cookouts, children’s birthday parties, and weekend pool parties. Now, the thought of inviting friends and family over to your backyard would mean spending several days relocating all of the equipment and tools out of the yard and hoping that the neighborhood children don’t stumble upon a forgotten nail or screw. 

Start enjoying your outdoor space again with an attractive outdoor storage shed to safely store all of your tools and equipment safely out of sight. 

Safety & Security 

Outdoor storage solutions will also play a large role in helping you protect your valuable property and keep family, visitors, and pets safe and free from injury. Use outdoor storage spaces to securely and safely store tools, equipment, and supplies out of reach of trespassers, and curious children. 

Weatherproof outdoor storage options will help to ensure that your tools and equipment are sheltered from the elements keeping them in prime working condition for years to come. 

Storage Sheds: Overview

Storage sheds are the essential outdoor storage solution, offering space for tools, powered equipment, sporting goods, landscaping and construction materials, and so much more. 

Modern storage shed manufacturers offer high-quality storage sheds in all shapes and sizes. Today’s homeowner can find a wood-framed storage shed complete with all the adornments of a traditional home, or opt for a budget-friendly metal storage shed for securing tools and equipment. 

Whether you need a simple lawn tool storage option, or a large workshop or mini-garage, there is an outdoor storage shed solution to meet your unique needs. 

What Can You Store In A Storage Shed?

Modern outdoors storage sheds are often used to store the basics: Tools, sporting equipment, lawn maintenance supplies, and pool treatments.  However, modern homeowners are now utilizing outdoor storage sheds as workshops, hobby rooms, office space, and mini-garages. You can find sheds built for storing powered equipment like lawnmowers, as well as ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, bicycles, and much more. 

The wide range of storage sheds available today means that if you can imagine it you can likely store it in an outdoor storage shed. 

How To Organize A Storage Shed To Maximize Space 

A solid organization strategy is key to getting the maximum bang for the buck out of your outdoor storage shed. Do you have awkward, unwieldy tools taking up space in your shed? There is an organizer solution for that. Are you constantly shuffling around boxes, and bags looking for the exact drill bit, screw, or nail that you need? Yes, there is an organizer solution for that too. 

Even the most cluttered of sheds can be transformed with these clever organizational solutions.

Large Item Storage Tips

Large bulky items or tools with long handles often take up much more than their fair share of space in the storage shed. Fortunately, with a little planning, and the right outdoor storage shed selection you can easily store these items and still have room for the smaller items in your shed. 

Consider purchasing a shed with elevated loft space above the main floor. This will allow you to park lawnmowers, bicycles, and other large equipment on the main floor, while still having space for storing items above. Lofts are also great for storing large boxes and bins of seasonal items, reserving the floor space for items that are used more frequently. 

Small Item Storage Tips

Stop pawing through jumbled bins looking for the right drill bit or screw for your next project. Use small jars, individual bins, or multi-compartment organizers to organize small items for easy retrieval at a glance.

Labeled Storage Bins & Containers

Never underestimate the power of labels. Clearly labeling every bin, box, and container will save you time months down the road when you are seeking a particular item and can no longer recall exactly what is in each container. 

Vertical Storage Solutions 

Vertical storage solutions offer the perfect organization solution for awkward and long-handled tools and equipment. Invest in a vertical tool rack or shelving to maximize your tool and equipment storage space and get these awkward items off the floor and out of your way.

Hooks & Hangers

Hooks and hangers are perfect for getting awkward items out of the way. Use sturdy hooks to hang bicycles, rakes, shovels, or even hula hoops from the wall or ceiling, freeing up that valuable floor space for smaller, or more frequently accessed items. 

Multi-Compartment Storage Organizers

Multi-compartment storage organizers are a staple of a solid shed storage system. These organizers feature multiple small bins designed to store your small screws, fasteners, nails, and much more in a compact and easy-to-access unit.

Create A Storage System

No matter which outdoor storage ideas you choose, taking a bit of time to create a simple storage organization system can help you easily locate your items with no need to sort through your entire shed. 

Organize your storage by categories such as sporting equipment, landscaping equipment, or holiday storage, or come up with your own unique system. No matter how complex or simple your system is, this easy organization idea will make sure you can go straight to the item you need every time. 

Buying A Storage Shed 

There are several factors to consider when buying an outdoor storage shed for your property. You will want to take into account the size of your outdoor space, your unique storage needs, and any other outdoor storage ideas you have envisioned. 

Modern outdoor storage suppliers like Quality Storage Buildings offer a massive selection of outdoor storage ideas for your backyard space. Choose from a simple metal or wood garden storage shed or opt for a full lofted cabin or garage-style storage shed. The outdoor storage ideas are limitless. 

More Outdoor Storage Options

Storage sheds are not the only storage solution available. If you have a smaller outdoor space or are just not quite ready to commit to buying a storage shed, there are still plenty of outdoor storage ideas to help you organize your outdoor space.

Storage Benches & Ottomans

Cleverly designed outdoor storage benches and ottomans do double-duty as storage solutions. Store pool toys, small sporting equipment, extra seat cushions, and more underneath the seat of these sturdy outdoor units to maximize your outdoor storage, and comfort. 

Outdoor Storage Shelving & Cabinets

Do you have a covered patio or gazebo? Install outdoor shelving or storage cabinets in this sheltered space to store gardening materials, tools, sporting equipment, and more. The patio or porch overhang will help protect items from the weather, while the shelving works to keep items organized and out of the way. 

An Outdoor Storage Solution

No matter the size of your outdoor space, or how large your backyard organizing project is, these outdoor storage ideas are sure to provide a solution to your clutter. To learn more clever outdoor organizing tips and explore the latest storage shed options be sure to check out our other articles on the Quality Storage Buildings blog. Reclaim your outdoor paradise today!

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