Backyard Shed for Sale: How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

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Do you need some extra storage space or a cozy backyard retreat? A backyard shed can be the perfect solution to add additional space to your home or garage; however, with so many options available, it's essential to choose the shed that is right for you and your unique checklist of "must-haves." 

With this blog as your guide, we’ll explore the various options for your backyard shed and how to perfectly customize your storage shed or extra living space.

Establish Your Shed “Must-haves”

Before diving into the world of backyard shed options, take a moment to consider your requirements and preferences. A great way to take stock of what you need — and, equally as important, what you don’t need — is to ask yourself a few questions to assess where to begin. 

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions:

1. What size shed do I want?

Determine the dimensions that will adequately accommodate your storage or space needs while fitting within your backyard area. This can mean that you’re pulling out a measuring tape to ensure storage boxes will fit, or maybe that you’re considering the size of your man-cave furniture to allow adequate space for watching the big game or working on a woodworking project. Whatever you need space for, you’ll want to ensure plenty of room to move around inside. Not sure about your measurements? It’s always a good idea to round up your measurements to give yourself a buffer. 

2. What will be stored in the shed? 

Whether you plan to store garden tools, outdoor furniture or even use it as a workshop, understanding the purpose will help you choose the right features and layout. Do you need storage shelving for tools and equipment? Maybe you need open floor space for a rug and seating. Depending on how you plan to use the space, you’ll want to adjust the layout and features you look for on the interior. 

3. How much available space do I have? 

Assess the area where you plan to install the shed and take note of any restrictions or obstacles. Are you limited by physical space? In that case, you’ll have a strict limit to the shed size you can work with. Also, take note of obstacles in your way, such as trees, stumps, or rocks. These can be moved or avoided, but you’ll want to consider this to save yourself a headache later. 

Maybe you have plenty of yard space, but you’re limited by HOA regulations or zoning guidelines in your area. Double-check any regulations before purchasing anything to ensure you comply with any rules. 

4. Do I have any future needs? 

Anticipate potential changes in your storage needs or any additional uses for the shed in the coming years. Consider things like a growing family, which may require more storage space down the line, or perhaps you will be moving and need to consider the ease of transportation of the entire shed and the associated costs and logistics. 

5. What size of door do I need? 

Consider the size of the items you'll be moving in and out of the shed to ensure suitable door dimensions. This can be anything from large furniture to oversized storage boxes. You’ll want to consider the largest items you’ll bring into the shed and plan your door size and shape accordingly. 

Explore Our High-quality Shed Options

Once you have considered your “must-haves,” you can choose the most appropriate style for your backyard shed. This will also begin to narrow the general layout and design aesthetic. 

A Few of Our Most Popular Options Are:

Blog_Content_Lofted Barn

Lofted Barn: Ideal for a rustic and traditional look, barn-style sheds offer ample overhead storage space with their lofted design. These come in various colors and sizes and perfectly complete a farm or hobby homestead. 

Blog_Content_Utility Shed

Utility Shed: A versatile option that provides functionality and simplicity, utility sheds are perfect for storing items with easy access. From “she-shed” to extra storage for tools and equipment, a utility shed can do it all. 


Garden Shed: Designed with aesthetics in mind, garden sheds add beauty to your backyard while offering storage for gardening tools and supplies. Options for shelving, large doors, and other customizations can make your garden shed fit perfectly into your outdoor living. 

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QSB Selects The Best Materials For Your Sheds

We always recommend wooden sheds to our customers. Wooden structures are incredibly durable and have a timeless appeal to match any design aesthetics or storage needs. Wood can withstand the elements that an outdoor shed is subject to and allows for limitless customization options because of its versatility.

At Quality Storage Buildings, we pay attention to details. We even caulk and seal all the joints and nails, which nearly every manufacturer will not take the time or additional materials to do because our buildings are the best. We use quality materials, and detailed construction providing a superior product! 

Get Your Perfect Backyard Shed From Us

Once you’ve decided on your ideal style, layout, and materials, it’s time to choose the right shed for your home, space, and intended use. With plenty of options and even more customizations, you’re sure to discover the perfect shed for your unique needs! 

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How to Prepare Your Backyard Space for a Brand New Shed

Congratulations! You’ve made your choice and decided on a shed that will align with your needs and design preferences. Before bringing it home, ensure you’ve taken the time to prepare your yard adequately. 

Understand Permits and Local Regulations

While your shed may be your retreat, you must check with your local municipality and the HOA regarding any regulations or permits required for shed placement. The last thing you want is to bring home your dream backyard shed only to discover it goes against your HOA rules. Ensure compliance with zoning regulations and get any necessary permits before installation.

Create a Solid Foundation

A solid foundation ensures the stability and longevity of your shed. Options include concrete slabs, gravel pads, or even leveling the ground with dirt. Decide which you’ll do, and prepare the foundation before placing your new shed on your property. Technically part of the shed itself, skids serve as the sub-structure. They provide stability and elevation, protecting the shed from moisture and facilitating easy relocation.

Find Your Ideal Storage Shed Today

Investing in a backyard shed can bring practicality and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. You can make a well-informed choice by considering your specific needs and preferred style. 

At Quality Storage Buildings, we proudly offer a wide selection of high-quality sheds. Next, browse our inventory to find the perfect shed for your backyard today! 

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