Complete Your Shed Order: Don't Miss These Essential Storage Options


Have you been daydreaming about perfect portable storage solutions to add function and versatility to your home and yard? Whether you’re planning to use your new addition as a tiny guest house, hobby studio, man cave, or purely a functional storage space, your shed will bring endless possibilities along with it. 

While the bones of your shed will provide tons of value and usable space to your family, the real magic happens when you take advantage of the opportunity to add built-in features as well as creative storage and organization solutions to make your shed work beautifully for your family. From neatly storing your treasured belongings to creating a relaxing, functional space, this blog will dive into the many ways that you can transform your shed! 

Smart Storage Solutions: Organizing Your Shed with Ease

Don’t just store items haphazardly in your storage shed. Make the most of the space at your fingertips with some of our best organization tips for a small space like a backyard shed. 

Tool Hanging Kits

Imagine effortlessly hanging all your tools, from bulky rakes to compact screwdrivers, on your shed walls. This savvy setup frees up floor space, making room for larger items or just making it easier to move around the shed. It's all about creating an efficient, organized environment that makes every inch count.



Pegboards are an excellent addition to any shed, offering a neat, cost-effective way to organize your smaller tools and accessories. They're easy to set up and provide a clear, accessible place for each item, eliminating clutter and bringing a sense of calm and order to your personal workspace.

Extension Kits

Sometimes, more is more. If you find your shed getting a bit cramped, we recommend considering an extension kit. An extension kit allows you to expand the square footage of your shed, giving you additional room to store, work, or play. More space means more possibilities to customize and organize your shed to suit your lifestyle and hobbies.

Maximize Your Shed Space with These Add-ons

Sometimes the floor space that you have to work with simply isn’t enough. The solution? Think vertically! Take advantage of all of the space at your disposal with these ideas to maximize your shed’s storage options.



Adding shelving to your storage shed can make a world of difference. By installing shelves along the walls, you not only gain extra storage space but also keep your items neatly organized and visible. This clear arrangement means you can easily find what you need when you need it and helps to make the most of otherwise unused vertical space. Whether you’re storing tools, gardening supplies, or seasonal items, shelving helps you keep everything in its rightful place.

Storage Bins

Using bins inside your shed is an effective way to categorize and manage your belongings. By separating items by season or function, and clearly labeling each bin, you streamline your storage process. Better yet, pair your storage bins with a shelving system, and you'll instantly increase your storage space exponentially. This method keeps your shed tidy and makes it incredibly simple to find and grab whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Deck Boxes

These stylish and functional accessories can be a fantastic addition inside your shed as well as outside. Their versatility allows them to fit seamlessly into your storage space, adding function while keeping your belongings tidy and protected. Opt for all-weather deck boxes to ensure they withstand the Texas elements if you’re placing it outside, or a cohesive look if you’re adding it on the interior. 

Functional Finesse: Accessories That Add Utility to Your Shed

Potting Bench

Transform your shed into a haven for your green thumb with the addition of a potting bench. With a potting bench, your shed becomes more than a storage space — it becomes a perfect spot to store and use your gardening tools and supplies while keeping everything neat and tidy in the process. 


Perfect for the crafters, the DIY enthusiasts, and the hands-on doers, a workbench brings a new level of functionality to your shed. It provides a sturdy, practical space where creativity meets utility. Whether you’re repairing, building, or creating, a workbench in your shed ensures that you have the perfect spot to bring your projects to life, making your shed a true workshop.


Incorporating ramps into your shed setup is a game-changer, especially if you regularly use wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, tractors, or other wheeled tools. Ramps provide easy access to your shed, simplifying the process of moving items in and out. They’re a straightforward yet incredibly effective addition, enhancing the overall functionality of your shed. 

Tailor-made Sheds: Customize with Quality Storage Buildings

At Quality Storage Buildings, we understand that your shed is more than just a storage space — it's a tool to make the most of your home, your yard, and your lifestyle. That's why we proudly offer a wide range of customization options to make your shed uniquely yours.

Shed Base Add-ons


Give your shed a boost from the start with these core features that will add beauty and versatility to your backyard shed from the day it is delivered to your property. 

Windows: Add natural light and ventilation with our window options. Choose from various sizes and styles to brighten up your shed.

Insulation: Keep your shed comfortable year-round with our insulation solutions. Ideal for those using their shed as a workspace or retreat.

Flooring: Select from different types, materials, and thicknesses for your shed flooring. Whether you need something durable for heavy equipment or stylish for a cozy interior, we’ve got you covered.

Door Types: Choose from a variety of door types to match your shed’s purpose and style. From double doors for easy access to sliding doors for space efficiency, you’re sure to find the entry that will suit your shed perfectly. 

Color Options: Whether you want your shed to stand out or blend in with your home, we have a palette to suit your taste.

Roofing Colors and Materials: Choose from metal or shingle roofing in a range of colors. Our roofing options not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your shed but also provide long-lasting protection from the harsh elements. 

Extra Additions for Functionality


Looking to add even more function to your new backyard shed? These simple additions will help you make the most of the space — whether by adding comfort, convenience, or organization — in your new storage shed. 

Ramps: Choose from wood or aluminum ramps for easy access, especially useful for sheds storing large equipment or vehicles.

Electrical Access: Opt for electrical fittings to turn your shed into a fully functional workspace or cozy hideout.

Shelving: Maximize storage space with custom shelving options, perfect for organizing tools, equipment, or seasonal items.

Workbench: Add a sturdy workbench, turning your shed into an ideal space for hobbies, crafts, or repairs.

A/C Holes: Stay cool in the Texas heat by opting for air conditioning holes, allowing you to easily add an air conditioning unit to keep the intense Texas heat at bay. 

Your Shed, Your Way: Crafting the Perfect Outdoor Space

With Quality Storage Buildings, your backyard storage options can be much more than a basic storage area — it can be a tailored extension of your home and a reflection of your personal style. From practical shed base add-ons like windows and insulation to aesthetic choices in flooring, doors, and colors, each element is an opportunity to customize your space to your exact needs. 

Whether you're enhancing functionality with electrical access, shelving, and workbenches or focusing on accessibility with ramps and A/C holes, our array of options ensures that your shed is as unique as your Texas home.

Remember, each choice you make in customizing your shed not only adds to its utility but also to its charm and appeal, making it a true asset to your property. So why wait? Start exploring these possibilities and more with our 3D shed builder. Let’s work together to create a shed that not only meets your storage needs but also elevates your outdoor space.

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