Get Control of Your Clutter. 5 Useful Storage Ideas to Regain Space


“I can’t take the clutter anymore!” Have you found yourself saying something along these lines recently? Clutter can truly take over your life and drive you insane! It’s not just the physical clutter but the mental clutter and stress it can create.

Instead of coming home at the end of the work day to a messy and disorganized home, imagine walking into a space where things can easily stay organized and there is enough room for everything your family needs access to.

Does that sound a bit like bliss to you? Us to! There is nothing more powerful than organization and retaking control of your space. Let’s look at a few storage ideas to help you regain your space and take charge of that clutter!

Keep a Clean Space for Your Next Storage Idea

The importance of organization in your home extends far beyond the actual space. The tidiness of your home – or lack thereof – can affect your happiness and mental health. 

A great example of this is from a 2017 study that found young adults' procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, and even lower quality of life was linked to their cluttered and messy homes. 

By clearing out clutter and committing to a more organized lifestyle in your home, you can improve your overall quality of life, happiness, and mental health. If that’s not a fantastic reason, what is?!

But, you may already be feeling overwhelmed at the idea of tackling the mess you know is there. These useful storage ideas are simple and easy ways to get started!

5 Useful Storage and Decluttering Ideas

1: Create a “Decluttering Deadline”

One of the most challenging parts of organizing your home is knowing where to start. If your clutter is widespread throughout your home, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and even want to give up. Instead of tackling everything all at once, setting “decluttering deadlines” can help you create a timeline of what you will do and when. You could set this up by rooms in your house or by the decluttering activity you will try to accomplish. 

This way, you don’t bite off more than you can chew, so it doesn’t lead to being overwhelmed and wanting to give up on the project entirely. This will also hold you and your whole family accountable for organizing your home and getting it into better shape!

2: Use Your Wall Space

One of the most underused elements of a home is wall space. There is usually a ton of space that can be used for things like additional shelving or hanging of items but is rarely used in this way to create a better-organized space. 

Think about all of the open space you currently have in closets, bedrooms, and even bathrooms, and consider how it could be used for additional organization. 

If you’re concerned about damage, look into options like Command products that allow you to add shelving, organizational structures, and more for now, while they can easily be removed later. 

3: Haven’t Used It in the Past Year? Get Rid of It

This is a tried and true method for cleaning out everything from your closet to your attic. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing, used a tool, or put out a piece of decor in the past year, it’s time to go!

One of the keys to decluttering isn’t just organizing your space but getting rid of the junk that was there in the first place. This will make the overall organization process simpler and easier as there will be less to organize from the start! 

4: Use Cubbies, Baskets, and Containers to Maximize the Storage Space

The best way to keep an organized home for the long haul is to have specific areas where certain items go and ensure they all stay together. This becomes much easier if they can all be kept in the same basket, container, or tub. 

Just like you store holiday decor together in large Rubbermaid-style tubs, think about your everyday items similarly. Consider adding baskets or containers to each bathroom in the house to store beauty products and toiletries to keep cabinets and closets neater.

Look under the kitchen sink and look at the clutter of plastic shopping bags, cleaning supplies, and towels. Now, add each of these items to its basket or container. It instantly becomes more organized, visually appealing, and easier to access whenever you need each item.

5: Still Out of Organizational Space? Consider a Storage Building

Sometimes your clutter problem is a space problem. You could easily stay organized and keep everything in its place if you just had enough space to work with. If you’re finding that to be the case once you begin to organize your home, you may want to consider a storage building. You can use it in many ways, from attic overflow to storing holiday decor, tools, lawn equipment, seasonal items, and more.

Start Controlling the Clutter

The great thing about these storage ideas is that you can start using them today or at least get started immediately! You can strike while your motivation is hot and choose at least one storage idea to tackle.

Even if it’s just setting a timeline and deadlines for yourself to begin the decluttering process, it gets you on the right track and frame of mind to make a change. If you find that lack of space is enemy #1 of an organized and clean home for you, we’re here to help! Our goal is to help organize your home so you can return to enjoying it! Check out our sheds that could be a possible answer for you.

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