Know the Key Differences that Set Backyard Storage Sheds Apart


The main reason for getting a backyard storage shed is to organize your home. Maybe your attic is full, and every drawer is bursting with stuff that needs extra storage. Or your lawn mower, hose pipes, or kid's play equipment needs additional space. But does the need for a backyard storage shed stop there?

You can take it a step further and use your backyard storage sheds as a,

  • Workspace
  • Playroom
  • Exercise area
  • Dog Kennel

Since getting a backyard storage shed is an investment that will appreciate the value of your home, you should consider your city's zoning laws and HOA rules before setting up one. Some cities tend to restrict owning backyard storage based on size, shed style, shed placement, and height.

Whatever your reasons for getting a backyard storage shed, this article will help you identify the right shed based on your needs. Let's dive in.

What are The Differences Between Sheds Based on Your Needs

The differences can help you choose the perfect backyard storage shed. Here is a list of everyday needs and the sheds that complement each market.

1. Storage

You can organize your home and store all the extra stuff in a backyard storage shed. However, your shed's structure, size, materials, and cost will change depending on what you seek to store. Some examples of a backyard storage shed and the things they can keep include the following;

  • Garden shed: You can free up the space in your garage by moving your mower, bicycles, and lawn tractor into a garden shed. It has double side doors that give you quick access to the equipment in the shed. Customizing this appealing structure to your liking is possible with the addition of the following;
    • A ramp- to move your lawn tractor with ease.
    • Shelves or hooks- they increase your storage space.
    • Windows to give it a natural lighting system. 

To avoid instability, pest infestation, and rotten wood, give your garden shed a well-raised, stable, concrete foundation.

  • Elite portable garage: You can protect your ATVs, boat, or car from adverse weather conditions by getting an elite portable garage. Unlike a garden store, it has double doors on the front side of the shed to provide ample parking space. Its flooring material is strong enough to withstand high pressure, which is essential for parking needs.

2. Workspace

You might be the person who never stays far from their tools since you're constantly working on your next project. Or, you always carry work home but find it challenging to work; maybe because it's the kids running around, your spouse, or the environment isn't conducive enough to engage in work.

If that's so, you must acquire a backyard storage shed. It will offer you the privacy you need to engage in actual work at home. Consider it your home office. How cool is that? Depending on your work, the following backyard storage sheds can get you fired up for some work at home;

  • Elite lofted barn: This storage unit offers you the much-needed space to act as your storage unit and workshop. It extends upwards, providing you with the most storage per sq. ft. It has strong walls to support vertical storage of equipment and use the remaining space as a workspace. Its roofing structure provides an excellent environment that you can use to store farm supplies such as fertilizers-talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

  • Utility shed: The utility shed has a conventional design that you can transform into a home office by adding some furniture and shelves for storage. Whether working from home or doing homework, it's the perfect getaway spot for your creative mind. You can also convert it to a place where you practice your hobbies.

3. Dog kennels

Backyard storage sheds can also be converted into dog kennels for your canines. They’re well-ventilated with ample space to make your dogs feel comfortable. The building material for dog kennels should be strong to stand the test of time, and they vary in size, price, footprint, and design.

4. Playroom

You may need an extra playroom or playhouse for your kids. When customizing the design of your backyard storage shed to be a playroom, keep in mind that it should be kid friendly and easy to organize the mess associated with kids. You should also remember that it might be converted into an office or storage space once the kids are grown ups.

5. Exercise

The fun thing with starting a new year is setting up resolutions- exercising is part of that. Initially, you'll kick start that ambition in high spirits, but the daily waking up and trekking to the gym results in a mental drain, thus abandoning your resolution. To avoid this, you can acquire a backyard storage shed and turn it into a gym. With the close proximity of your workout area, you'll be syked up to exercise. Remember to add some ventilation and lighting to your shed for the best results.

Looking to Own a Backyard Storage Shed?

When buying a shed, you can convert it to suit any of your needs for any lifestyle, whether it is one of the options we mentioned above or your own creation. We believe that anything is possible when it comes to owning a shed. With our 3D shed configurator and make your shed ideas come to life.