Think Outside a Storage Box: Backyard Sheds Could Be Your Perfect Fit


Whether you’re getting your organization's inspiration from online resources like Pinterest or YouTube, or from TV, magazines, and other media, it’s no secret that information is abundant out there about the best ways to organize your home. Advice ranges from unique types of boxes, bins, or organizational containers to all kinds of approaches to decluttering and downsizing your belongings. You may be familiar with Marie Kondo’s famous question, “Does it spark joy?” or the intimidatingly-named “Swedish Death Cleaning.” 

No matter what method or approach inspires you most, you must think outside of the storage box to truly set yourself and your family up for success with a storage solution that will function for your belongings and your home. The solution? A high-quality storage shed. For so many of us, we simply lack the physical space to store and organize our belongings appropriately, and a quality storage shed can not only solve this problem but also bring an element of style, organization, and functionality to your own backyard. If you spend your hard-earned money on a shed, you’ll want to make sure that it’s the best fit for your needs. More than that, it’s important that your chosen shed is able to withstand harsh Texas weather and last for years to come. 

If you’re ready to find the backyard shed of your dreams, keep reading as we dive into how you can choose the right shed — or even design your own custom shed with our 3D Shed Builder tool. Stick around to discover the possibilities!

Finding the Right Size for Your Shed

Size does matter when it comes to finding your perfect shed. It’s like a puzzle – you need to make sure all the pieces fit just right. From how you’ll use your new storage shed to the governing laws in your area, you’ll want to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases to select the ideal size and layout. 

To get started, ask yourself the following questions: 

How Will You Use The Shed? 

First, think about what you'll use the shed for. Will it be for storing things like bikes and tools, or do you want to use it as a space for hobbies or work? Maybe it’ll be a man cave or “she shed.”  However you intend to use the space, your needs and wants may differ slightly, and you’ll want to take those into consideration as you’re selecting the right size and layout. 

What Are Your Minimum and Maximum Shed Dimensions?

Next, think about size. How long, wide, and tall should your shed be? You'll want enough room for your stuff and space for you to move around comfortably. If our standard sizes don't seem right for you, don't worry! We can make a shed that fits just what you need with our custom shed building tool, or by reaching out to our team directly. 

What Will Your Shed Store? 

Make a list of what kind of items you would ideally put into your shed. This helps you figure out how much space you need and the types of add-ons — like shelving, loft space, etc. — that may help you best organize, store, and display your belongings. Don’t forget to consider how your needs may change in the future as well. As life changes and evolves, how may that impact your storage needs?  

What Community Regulations Are There? 

Are there any community regulations? HOA guidelines? Maybe city laws or ordinances? Depending on the size of the shed that you choose, some areas may require a building permit. Ensure you comply with local regulations to avoid any pesky legal issues or fines. 

Organized Storage and Beyond

No matter what size or layout shed you choose, storage sheds are popular for good reason. Not only do they provide unmatched convenience and increased storage capacity for your home, but they also unlock more potential for functionality that simply may not have been possible before. For example, yes, a shed can help you keep your house tidy and organized, but have you considered turning your shed into a tiny home or guest house? How about a hobby shop or craft room? Maybe a home office? The possibilities are endless, and the incredible part is that your shed can evolve and change along with your lifestyle if you decide that you want to use it differently in the future. When you select a shed that is built to last, the only limitation is your imagination. 

Common Shed Buying Mistakes

Shopping for the right shed is exciting, but there are a few common mistakes you'll want to steer clear of:

1. Skipping the Foundation Check

One big mistake is not thinking about the foundation. A strong foundation is key to keeping your shed stable and long-lasting.

2. Overlooking Material Quality

Another slip-up is not paying attention to the materials. It's important to choose a shed made from durable stuff that will hold up over time.

3. Misjudging the Size

It's easy to pick a shed that's too big or too small. We'll help you find one that fits your space and meets your needs just right.

4. Forgetting About Accessories

Don’t forget the little things! Adding the right shelves, hooks, or windows can turn a simple shed into a really great space.

Customize Your Perfect Storage Solution With Ease

Now that you’ve got a new angle on tackling storage woes, it's time to put those ideas into action. Wave goodbye to clutter and welcome a world where everything has its place, neatly tucked away in a shed that’s as unique as you are.

Your Shed, Your Way, Today

Equipped with this shed-savvy knowledge, you’re ready to choose the perfect shed for you, your family, and all of your belongings; a shed that’s not just a space-saver but a life-enhancer. Ready to bring your vision to life?

Take the leap and start crafting your dream shed with our 3D builder. Your perfect backyard storage shed is just a few clicks away!

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