Why Do We Charge For an On-site Constructed Building?

Some customers have asked us why there is a charge to construct a building at their home as opposed to at our lot. Typically, we build our buildings in Itasca, Texas in a thoughtfully designed and carefully laid out workshop. All tools, materials, and manpower are known, visible, and ready at a moment’s notice. No matter what is presented to the manufacturing shop for construction, everything necessary is easily accessible, ready, and available. With this set up, we can construct anywhere from one to a dozen or more buildings simultaneously. The number is dependent on the size of the orders released to production at that time.

Our fabricators are cross trained and can assist in work areas that need assistance to keep our production times efficient. Our production is somewhat like an auto production line. Materials start at one end of the building and out the other side is a finished building for our customer to enjoy! After construction is completed, the finished building is inspected, and any flaws are corrected before the building is staged and stored for delivery. Once the delivery department has the building scheduled with our customer, the building is delivered with precision at the customer’s exact location.

Why Do We Charge For an On-site Constructed Building?

Sometimes this is not possible. Quite frequently, our customers have homes that do not allow for a truck and trailer to drive through their yard and deliver a building whole. Often, homes are closely arranged and fenced in back yards are only accessible by going through the home or entering the yard within a 3’+ gate opening. Unfortunately, we do not have or can obtain cranes, helicopters, or huge weightlifters to pick up and drop off buildings to specific remote, hard to access areas.

To best serve these situations, we have employed a highly versatile crew that specializes in construction at your location. They are specially trained and outfitted with working tools to construct your building from the ground up. Every single building material and tool are hand carried in and then tools and scraps are carried out at the end of the day. This is a lot harder than constructing a building in our shop. Keep in mind that this is usually done under Texas heat and weather conditions that cannot be controlled.

This special crew will manufacture the building in your yard. They will need 3’ all around the building for construction. If you can supply electric, that would be appreciated and if not, we can supply our own power with generators. They will pay close attention not to damage your landscaping and surroundings while constructing. The more space you can allow them, the faster and easier it will be to have the project completed.

Our buildings are high quality and our prices are low and affordable. Other companies do not have the ability with specialized trucks and trailers to perform a regular delivery. They, then, must have every shed built on-site. Sometimes this is done by a 3rd party and the customer’s expected outcome is sometimes not achieved.

To avoid having your building constructed on-site, you may consider taking a section of fencing out or being open to a different location that will allow for a standard delivery. Sometimes, a customer will need an on-site build, but rest assured that our total price is incredibly competitive compared to other shed builders’ total prices and our excellent service is priceless.