Wooden Buildings vs Metal Buildings

Sometimes customers need more information on what the difference is between a wooden-constructed building and a metal building.  In this post, we’ll outline the pros and cons of both options.

Wooden Buildings



  1. Wooden buildings are framed and built just like a house.  We use 2” x 4”s framed at 16” on center.  Most of our buildings are made from premium studs or #2 selects.  This allows you to be able to hang shelving and attach workbenches and not compromise the structural integrity of the load-bearing walls.
  2. The siding is so tough you could break your leg trying to kick a hole in the siding.
  3. You can repaint the exterior siding whenever and in whatever color you want.  A pink shed might be popular this year, but 10 years from now, the neighbors may all have gray and white, and yours stands out like a pig in the parlor!
  4. This is Texas Y’all!  You know we will get more storms.  Stick-built buildings hold up much better.
  5. If you damage the trim or siding with your lawn mower or weed eater, you will probably only scratch the outside surface, and it’s easy to touch up the damage with our provided touch-up paint
  6. Our buildings are typically trimmed better and have better curb appeal.
  7. We can move it.  It’s portable.  Give us a call, and we can pick up the building and move it wherever you want it.


  1. On average, you will have to paint the building every 25 years.
  2. The siding is only available with vertical lines.

Metal Buildings

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  1. The metal sheeting is available in many color choices at the time of order.
  2. It’s sometimes cheaper if you do not include the cement base.


  1. You cannot change the color later, and repainting voids the metal warranty.
  2. The metal walls are easy to kick in and leave permanent damage to the building.
  3. Metal buildings typically cave in during a Texas storm and do not bend back in place.
  4. Dents and scratches are almost impossible to repair.
  5. Rust is almost impossible to stop or correct.
  6. Due to overall construction, they typically cannot be moved without damage, or they have to be fully disassembled and reassembled.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope that these points help you see that a wooden stick-built cabin or shed is the best choice as your future investment. Customize your own using our online configurator.

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