Not Sure Where to Start Buying a Shed? Use These 5 Shed Buying Tips


Running out of storage space can make you feel like you're trapped. You end up in a worse position with every turn you make — disorganizing your stuff. And the level of commitment it takes to reorganize everything all over, only to be disorganized later on, is annoying. This creates the need to own a shed.

And while owning a shed is the solution to this disorganization, it comes with its decision-making dilemmas. In the past, you'd only have to consider affordability as the major factor in choosing between sheds, but that's not the case anymore.

Nowadays, a couple of differentiating factors set sheds apart, all of which you must consider when you decide to buy a shed. 

In this article, you'll learn the five shed-buying tips you must consider when looking for the perfect shed. 

Let's delve into the five shed buying tips.

1. Shed Purpose

If you're looking for a shed, you already have a rough idea of how to use it. Though its purpose may shift with time, your primary purpose will influence your shed's design, size, and foundation type. Some of the uses of a shed include the following;

  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Motorcycle storage
  • Hobby workshop
  • Tool and maintenance storage
The activities you use your shed for will influence its design and size. For instance, a shed you use as a home gym or office needs proper ventilation and a natural light flow. Also, consider the height of the roof to avoid bumping into the ceiling.

Similarly, a shed used to store equipment or tools must have hooks and shelves to serve as your storage area, while the shed's size changes depending on the equipment stored.

2. Materials

Investing time and resources into backyard storage the next step to consider is the materials and craftsmanship that goes into the shed. Both are crucial factors to take into consideration.

Wooden storage sheds are a popular choice for many reasons. First, wood is a sustainable and durable material. It is versatile, naturally strong, and light in weight, and it is the only construction material that is 100% renewable. However, wood has extra measures to account for in maintenance to prevent damage due to the elements. 

Metal storage sheds are another great option, especially when your main focus is durability. It has a very high strength that can withstand warping due to the flexibility of steel and metals. While most sets are made from steel or aluminum, this gives them resistance to rust and corrosion. 

Plastic storage sheds are the most affordable when the price is your biggest concern. Plastic sheds are the least durable out of the three options but can come in a wide variety of color options. They are also lightweight and can be moved easily for quick movement. With all these easy options, you run the risk of having to paint due to fading from sunlight, the lightweight aspect having issues due to weather, and other elements.

3. Foundation

Nothing starts from the ground up without a stable foundation. You must prepare a good foundation, even if it's a portable shed. You can determine a good foundation by its level. 

A level foundation eliminates water draining to your shed and facilitates opening and closing doors and windows. Water draining into your foundation results to dump conditions that cause pest infestations and rotting wood, compromising the structural integrity of your shed. 

Also, you should make a solid base for your shed. The floor must be larger than the perimeter of the shed and must extend past the frost line. For best results, use one of the following materials to construct the foundation of the shed;

  • Concrete
  • Class 5 gravel
  • Compacted road base
  • Sill plates on concrete

Building a foundation can be daunting for a newbie, so get someone with professional experience to do it for you. 

4. Do You Want to Install or Have Installed

There's nothing wrong with installing your shed by yourself. It's a fun-filled activity if you have some technical experience in carpentry. Besides, you'll end up cutting down the cost of hiring someone to install the shed for you.

However, you might install a different shed concept for those who are gray in carpentry. You may even end up with a door in place of the window. To avoid such mistakes, go for a team of professional installers. Let them guide you in every step, from building a foundation to installing the shed. While you'll part with a small fee, it will be worth every dime. 

5. Compliment Your Yard

Do you know that many homeowners get a shed without considering how it complements their yard? Don't fall under this class of individuals. Instead, think of the exterior design of your shed and how best it complements your yard's theme.

You can select your shed's color, sidings, or roofing to match your landscape's theme. This will make it attractive and increase the value of your yard, which might fetch a lucrative deal if you decide to sell it.

The Perfect Shed for You

Getting the right shed for your needs shouldn't be so confusing. Your primary purpose for the shed should guide you in selecting the right design and size. The materials used should be top quality and have a good foundation to prolong your shed's longevity. A good shed should also complement your yard, as that significantly improves the overall quality of your property.

Do you still have questions on how to buy the perfect shed? Contact us at Quality Storage Buildings to help you choose the right shed.