Why Texas Homeowners Choose These Top Storage Spaces for Their Backyards


Whether you’re a born and raised Texan or are newer to our great state, it doesn’t take long to notice that Texas weather is just as bold as our spirit, boasting powerful thunderstorms, sweeping winds, scorching summers, and the occasional flood. Such a robust climate demands equally sturdy solutions, especially when it comes to storage solutions that need to stand the test of time. 

In the Lone Star State, not just any storage space will do. If you're considering a long-term storage investment, you may have already considered the value of a backyard storage shed, but it’s critical that you also concentrate on high-quality features that are built to withstand Texas’s unique challenges. Start your shopping journey on the right foot with our guide to finding (and maximizing!) the right backyard shed for your family’s needs

Banish the Clutter, Embrace a Backyard Shed

A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind, especially when it feels like you simply have too much stuff in your home without a place to go. When your storage space can’t keep up, tidying up your home becomes more than a chore — it becomes a frustrating puzzle with no right answer. When your belongings don’t have a “home,” they’ll just end up cluttered around different spaces in your house more often than not. 

That's why having ample storage is not just a convenience; it can genuinely uplift your mood and boost productivity when your home is not adding chaos to your life. 

Decluttering Simplified

Any organization project begins with a good decluttering session. Don’t get intimidated, it’s a much simpler process than it may feel. The simplest approach? Create three piles for yourself — trash, donate, and keep. As you’re moving through your space, pick up items and place them in one of the three piles. Move quickly so that you don’t lose momentum. We also recommend a great playlist or podcast to keep you motivated as you go! 

Pro Organization Tip: Instead of simply making piles, grab three boxes, bins, or trash bags to organize into. This way, when you’re done with sorting, it’s a quick and easy process to get the piles where they need to go. 

Finding Peace in Your Newly Organized Space

After you have gone through the entire space, the first thing to do is to remove anything that will not be staying in the newly organized space. This means your trash and donation piles, as well as any items that you are keeping but that do not belong in the space you’re organizing. Take dishes to the kitchen, laundry to your hamper, and important paperwork to your desk, for example. 

Once everything is in the right room or space within your home, you can get organized! By taking the time to not only put things back but do so in a way that will make cleaning easier in the future, you’re setting yourself up for success in maintaining your clean space. 

Creative Storage Spaces for Every Texan’s Home

Decluttering is only half of the equation no matter what area of your home you’re looking to maximize your storage capacity. Once you have the space free of trash and unwanted items, think strategically about solutions to add more storage and organization. Some of our favorite creative ways to boost your home’s storage include: 

  • Storage Benches: Combine comfort with utility. Storage benches offer a relaxing spot while hiding away your belongings that you don’t need access to daily. Indoors this could be a place to store books, seasonal decor, or space linens. Outdoors, a storage bench could store gardening supplies or lawn care tools. 
  • Outdoor Storage: When indoor space runs out, it's time to think outside. Adding a shed or outdoor unit transforms your backyard into a practical, organized extension of your home.
  • Deck Boxes: Keep your outdoor living areas tidy with a deck box. It's perfect for safeguarding everything from pool toys to grill accessories. Depending on which one you choose, these can be waterproof, lockable, and more. 
  • Backyard Sheds: For those looking for a substantial, lasting solution, a backyard shed is your answer. Customizable for various uses — from safeguarding lawn equipment to doubling as a quaint home office or playful kids' room — sheds are versatile for home storage.

Selecting a Storage Shed That Can Take on Texas

The true strength of a shed lies in its frame. An attractive exterior means nothing if the structure underneath isn’t built to last through the tough weather here in Texas. Quality materials are key — consider core factors like robust roofing, durable flooring, and solid siding to shield and preserve your storage space. And let's not forget that famous Texan heat; proper ventilation and innovative materials like Radiant Barrier Sheathing are crucial to withstand the relentless sun.

Explore the Sheds That Are Winning Over Texas

So you know that you need a great-quality backyard shed to withstand Texas temperatures, wind, rain, and (occasionally) snow. But where should you start your search? Don’t worry; we’re sharing some of the best models of portable storage sheds on the market and the reasons that each one might be right for your family. Our best-selling sheds include the Lofted Barn, Garden Shed, and Utility Shed models. 


Lofted Barn

A smart choice for maximizing storage spaces, the Lofted Barn is as practical as it is portable. Whether you’re storing supplies for your yard, livestock, or gardening, the extra loft storage space provides plenty of room for whatever tools and equipment you may need. 


Garden Sheds

These aren't just storage spaces; they're potential workshops for your crafts and hobbies, adding beauty and functionality to your backyard. Whether you’re storing shovels and trowels or setting up a homeschool classroom, this shed has everything you need with just the right amount of charm. 


Utility Sheds

Call it the jack-of-all-trades in the shed world. Its simple design adapts to a wide variety of uses, from a simple storage area to an elaborate work-from-home office. Customization options like windows and shelves allow you to make your utility shed exactly what you envision. 

Building Resilience with Quality Storage Spaces

In Texas, where the elements test everything we build, choosing the right shed is about more than just storage; it's about resilience and reliability. Remember, a shed is an investment that protects your belongings and maximizes your space. Don't compromise on quality.

Ready to explore a world where storage meets style and substance? Check out our inventory and discover how we cater to the unique needs of Texas homeowners.

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